Here at we recently commissioned YouGov for a survey to determine various Grand National betting patterns. One of the many interesting results it produced was that of all those who had backed a Grand National runner, 46% of people chose their horse based on it’s name!

And that is very understandable as the race attracts over 9m TV viewers and more than £250m in bets so it’s safe to say that not everybody who participates is a racing expert.

In 2016 when Rule The World won, Take That fans everywhere rejoiced because as it turns out many had backed the horse based on their love of the song by the same name.

In 2014 when Pineau De Re romped to victory, wine lovers were richly rewarded because again many had backed the runner for no other reason other than they love a nice glass of Pinot – admittedly not a connection I had made before the race which is strange as I’m partial to a crisp cold Pinot Grigio.

So this year we’ve decided to delve a little deeper into our runners and look at nothing but their names and who they might appeal to. We’ve concentrated on the obvious ones so if you’re struggling to find a horse to back, this may help you out.

Word of warning though – some of these links are pretty tenuous!

Thunder And Roses – For all the Florists and Meteorologists out there or for those of you who just like flowers!

Blaklion – I imagine the country is absolutely littered with pubs called The Black Lion so if that’s the name of your local then this is the horse for you.

Anibale Fly – Is your name Annabelle? Or maybe your daughter/girlfriend/wife/mother/sister? If you pass this runner up and it wins you’ll never be forgiven!

The Last Samuri – One for all you martial arts experts, or even just those of you who like the film (even if Tom Cruise was a terrible Samurai).

Valseur Lido – Valseur is french for ‘Waltzer’ so if you’re partial to a twirl around the dance floor then this one is for you.

Total Recall – Anybody out there with a photographic memory? No? Then maybe it’s just for fans of the film, think Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1990 version…

Perfect Candidate – Clearly one for all you working hard in HR departments around the country.

Tenor Nivernais – Nivernais is the name of a pretty big canal in France and a Tenor is pretty self explanatory so if you’re a singer or you simply like whiling away the hours on a canal boat then you know what to do

Carlingford Lough – Carlingford is a the name of a town in Ireland so if you’re from the County Louth region this horse won’t have gone unnoticed

Delusionofgrandeur – we all know somebody suffering with this

Regal Encore – With the Royal Wedding next month, this one for all the Monarchy enthusiasts out there.

Chase The Spud – it’s just a great name!

Warriors Tale – For all the soldiers and veterans who do a sterling job

Seeyouatmidnight – Booty call anyone??

Gas Line Boy – Hard to ignore this if you work at a gas company – an obvious one

The Dutchman – The name says it all

Saint Are – For the saintly among you, may your halos shine bright as you cheer this runner on

Walk In The Mill – A recent addition but one that could be popular with Bakers

Raz De Maree – For all the ‘Marie’s’ looking for a horse to back

I Just Know – There’s one in every family – that self-assured/cocky person who knows everything!

Maggio – Wake up Maggie I think I’ve got something to say to you……

Captain Redbeard – Sounds like a pirate, but could also be one for all you ship’s captains who are sailing the seas

Bless The Wings – Air Stewards, Pilots, aircraft mechanics – pretty much anybody who has anything to do with airplanes

Milansbar – Italy anyone?

Double Ross – Got a dad/brother/uncle/friend called Ross? Let them know this one is running

Road To Riches – if only we could all be on it – the Road To Riches that is *sigh

And that’s it, the craziest of reasons to back a horse because of it’s name. Hopefully it gave you some ideas and if you want to back any of them click here to find out more!