In betting on horse racing, or any other sports betting for that matter, information is the king. Whoever has the data about each horse race makes informed decisions. And to be that guy, you need to cast your knowledge net wider, for if you only rely on just one or two sources, you are likely to make wrong decisions. Integrate a variety of services, involve data from every portal, absorb and synthesize it before you decide on what horse to back.

So, what are some of the essential things that you should know about horse racing? Here is an overview of the seven factors that if you master well, will enhance your chances of winning:

1. Study Horses Before They Come To The Course

Don’t pick a horse on the course. You need to study the horse before backing it. The best place to do that is the paddock, where they are saddled and prepared before the race. The fastest horse is often calm but alert, and light on its feet.

2. Horse’s Streak

Who wants to back a horse on a losing streak? Just like in all sports betting events, the form is a crucial factor in horse racing.

You can use form to predict the performance of a horse by looking at its previous races. Horse forms are published in newspapers and digital platforms.

3. Handicapping

Most horse races run are handicaps, that’s why you need to understand how the handicapping system works. In handicapping, a horse is given a weight based on how well the handicapper thinks it will run.

The better the horse the more weight it carries. Overall the playing field should be level giving all horses a relatively equal chance of winning the race.

4. Backing Winners

With the correct information, you can select your horse. If you are an expert bettor, you know what they say about bookmakers and exchanges. The former offers the most inferior value. For the best value, go for the Exchanges like Betfair.

Nonetheless, we still have sportsbooks, like Comeon Casino, that provide very competitive pricing. To identify such sites, you’ll need to use a site like oddschecker to determine the best platforms.

5. Racing Scheduling

There are so many horse races in a single day, and the best way to be successful is to be selective with your approach. Unless you are a casual gambler, who will pick a horse in just any race and wait for the outcome, you want a race that you’ve some elements of control. Otherwise, the odds are stacked against you.

Some critical factors to look at include the type of course, trainers, or even horse owners. Some horse racers can only perform well with 2-year-old horses. On the other hand, some horses only do well in specific courses, and much more. All these factors produce trends, which, if you examine carefully, tilt the balance in your favor.

You can get such data at the official BHA website in case you wish to see schedules in advance.

6. Racing Statistics

As we have already alluded, stats will help you tell if a horse will meet your expectations. But you have a wide variety of variables to consider as far as racing stats are concerned. Consider following James Willoughby on social media for exciting insights.

7. Free Horse Racing Resources

There are directories and even tipsters that serve as valuable information bank about horse races. High-end resources would require you to subscribe, but there are equally good free sources on the web.

Generally, horse race betting requires you to master the art of analysing data to make an informed decision on your bets.