Knowing the trends and factoring them into your betting equation is an important part of turning the odds in your favor, whether it be horse racing or wagering in general. Those who are new to the process may have a particularly hard time trying to beat the bookies, but the comforting thought is that although sheer luck cannot be completely eliminated as a factor, knowledge can influence your chances of success.

The first Grand National was held way back in 1839

No, this is not a boring history lesson, so keep on reading. The fact that your favorite competition is nearing two centuries of age means there’s plenty of data for you to analyse and capitalise on. For example, by knowing how to pick the horse with the right characteristics, it’s possible to increase your chances of winning without knowing much else.

The experts know very well that the optimal racing candidate is always a mesh of age and experience (a golden line if you will). So you should not pick a horse that’s older than 11 years or younger than 8. In fact, the last time a 7-year-old horse was able to take down the competition was in 1940. Despite this being a known fact, so many pundits fail to take this into account when placing their bets. Remember, the numbers don’t lie.

Knowing what characteristics to look for is worth as much as knowing what to avoid

Although nothing is set in stone, analysing the data that’s available to you is bound to put you on the right track. The next competition may very well be a surprise in this regard, but as things are right now, Irish-bred horses have a proven track record. For whatever reason, the odds seem to be favoring the horses that finished unplaced during the last season.

Much in the same vein, there are other signals to be mindful of as well. Indeed, some may hamper your chances of picking a winner, so if you notice one of the following, it’s best to look for your contender elsewhere. Age, perhaps, is the biggest red flag… any horses older than 12 or 13 are a liability. Similarly, the horses that had their last race 50 days ago usually don’t perform very well. One would think that betting on the past Grand National winners would be a safe bet to make, but interestingly enough, the numbers suggest otherwise.

Not an analyst but would still like to experience the thrill of wagering?

Betting on horse racing is not for everyone. In fact, those who know little to nothing about the industry are better off betting on something with pre-set odds. A lucky casino experience is just as thrilling and rewarding as betting on horse racing. But it takes far less knowledge to stand a good chance at winning.

With that being said, you shouldn’t just go with the first casino you find online. Instead, stick with the popular choices and proven providers like Gambola to be able to enjoy a gambling journey without interruptions and on any device of your choosing. There is also the factor of getting a piece of the live action, the very component of tuning in to watch your chosen horse race all the way to the end, so there’s a similar kind of thrill these games can offer.


And that’s all for today! The 2020 Grand National is an opportunity to apply what you’ve learned and take your friends out to the race of a lifetime. Best of luck!