The Grand National is one of the most exciting times to be a horse racing fan. The cream of the crop, the best racing horses from all over the country compete with each other. The million-pound prize pool inflames the spirit of competition, making it one of the most thrilling races to watch and bet on.

Thankfully, there are a few betting firms out there who don’t leave punters high and dry on Grand National day. Betfair and Paddy Power are two such companies. Not only do they offer various promotional deals but they usually payout enhanced eachway places on the big race. Some other great horse racing betting offers can be found on

With promotional offers and bonus payouts, you could make a large profit with a few well-placed bets. These two betting exchanges are among the largest in the UK and provide many special opportunities other bookmakers can’t.

The Grand National

The weeks leading up to the Grand National are usually a flurry of betting activity, particularly online. Odds for the potential runners change all the time. The race is a tough one, featuring more than four miles of some of the most difficult racetracks in the UK. More than 60% of horses are typically eliminated during the course of the race. More details on it are given in our Race Guide.

Betfair’s Offers

Betfair always offers a very generous new customer welcome package. Like many bookers, the first deposit is often matched multiple times over to give you the opportunity to place additional bets without risking your own money. But what they do particularly well for the Grand National is come up with something even more special.

Historically they have offered higher odds if all runners make it passed the first fence, or free bet matches to make your money go further. And, as we all know, in gambling, the more money you start with, the more money you can potentially earn. This holds true for any type of betting, whether it’s at the table or the racetrack.

Paddy Power’s Offers

Paddy Power always has a very customer-focused welcome bonus for new players. So if you are looking to make your first horse racing bet, check them out. The Paddy Power website is incredibly easy to navigate around and they always have offers and promotions available across a number of sports and games.

Similar to Betfair, they usually come up with something different for the Grand National. This can include payouts on an extended number of places – so traditionally you would only get money back from the bookie if your horse finished in 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th place. However, with Paddy Power this can go as high as 6 places. This gives you more chances to back a runner in the money!

Betfred’s Offers

Another terrific bookmaker who offers a lot of great Grand National odds. The only main difference between them and the bookmakers above is that BetFred so sometimes withdraw their new customer welcome offer on Grand National day. Of course the way around this is to simply bet the day before. At that point, the runners are confirmed and the odds are frequently higher than on race day.

Getting started is easier than ever before now thanks to these horse racing betting offers. Thrill-seeking players should try Betfair’s high-stakes high-rewards offer, while more cautious players can test the waters with Paddy Power or Betfred.

Making a Bet

For veteran players, making a bet is easy. Some will bet on their favourite horses and hope for a place in the money. Others will study the participants intently, examining each of their odds before placing a bet. There are also many people who like to find out the clear favourites and bet on them, such as Tiger Roll in the 2019 Grand National. Considering his performance in the past two years, there will likely be a huge number of people betting on him again if he runs in 2020.

Nevertheless, the odds for every participating horse is given in our Runners & Odds list. Betting on the horses with low odds is safe, considering they’re very likely to place in the top 7. But for the daring and high stakes, betting on a horse with high odds and staking it on pure chance can be extremely exciting too.