The Grand National is one of the most iconic dates on the horse racing calendar each year, with the race itself only being one part of the spectacle that is this incredible event. Enjoying the Grand National means a lot more than just watching the action on the track. To fully enjoy the Grand National experience, here are some tips for some things that casual and hardcore racing enthusiasts alike should make sure that they do ahead of the race.

Dress To Impress

The fashion is often one of the most interesting components of horse racing culture, as people tend to dress their best for a trip to the races. This is especially true of an event of the Grand National’s magnitude, where horse racing fans come to Aintree looking like superstars.

The ladies who turn up to the event are known to make a notable effort, and their extravagant headwear can often steal the show on a day dedicated to racing.

Of course, fans of the races don’t have to come out in elaborate headgear in order to dress up for the event. If something a little less attention-grabbing is your style, there is nothing wrong with taking a more modest approach to being fashionable at Aintree. Whatever your personal style is, wear it proudly to have the best possible time at the track.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Superstitious

When backing a horse to win a race as big as the Grand National, you know that there will be some fierce competition from both the other horses in the race, as well as the course itself. That is why fans watching the event shouldn’t be afraid to perform some superstitions in the hopes of seeing their chosen horse cross the finish line first.

There is nothing wrong with performing a ritual or two to try and help your preferred horse win the Grand National. Superstition and racing go hand in hand, as long as they aren’t too strange to the point where you are going overboard, and superstition is a part of cultures around the world.

Of course, what constitutes strange can vary from person to person. Some people carry a lucky rabbit’s foot around, others don’t move from a certain spot while a race is going on. All that matters is that you feel like you’ve done your part when performing your rituals, and that could be enough to ‘help’ whichever horse you prefer to get over the line first (or at least make you feel like you’ve had an impact). And if that doesn’t work out, there is always time to develop new superstitions for next year!

Understand The Course

The Grand National course is one of the most impressive in the world of horse racing, with all of its jumps and the opportunities for drama that those spots on the course create. One of the most important recommendations for those looking to enjoy the Grand National to the fullest is for them to take time to understand the course before the race. This can help fans identify the different points where things might get difficult for the competitors, so that they can understand what they are seeing more clearly as the race unfolds.

One of the keys of any Grand National race guide is a breakdown of the course itself. This is especially useful for the area leading up to the finish line, which requires two jumps to be made on the first lap that do not need to be made on the second. Those who are unfamiliar with the course might be confused by seeing what would appear to be the horses skipping the obstacles on the second time through, but those who know the course know that this is by design.

There are, of course, many other things to consider to enjoy the Grand National to the fullest. But these particular ideas are ones that stick out and can help people understand and appreciate the event. Now Grand National enthusiasts can get together with their friends, hit the track and have the time of their lives.